All the other pages may be dedicated to K-Town and Germany, here I can hopefully introduce you to the world of beers and others who enjoy food/wine/beer/festivals.

Hope you find something out there you like...
Bernkastel-Kues city website, home of the famous winefest -
Everything you want to know about the famous Napa Valley in California -
Beer advocacy website (good german beer discussions) -
German beer site (German language) -
This man has done his homework; great site -
The infamous Paulaner has an amzingly visual website, just begs you to visit them in Munich :) -
The late Beer Hunter himself, Michael Jackson -
Click here to view his substantial links and tributes to his life.  He enjoyed scotch whisky as much as beer.  See this link for his whisky writings.
K-town city website -
List of wine festivals up and down the Mosel River (Updated 2015)-
Never stay in a hotel again!  This webiste is FULL of places to stay in apartments, houses, even castles.  If you are stationed for more than two years in Europe, then you have to utilize this site or else you didn't really "see" Europe. The U.S. version is HomeAway.  I've used this many times! -
UK's very own Campaign for Real Ale (wish they had similar in the states). If you travel to the UK, this is a researchers dream for the best pubs and beers -
Restaurants and fests in the Pfalz region of Germany (2014 was last revision, but good starting point) -
Hahn Airport has create a great tourist website for the region.  It has other regions as well with some great tips. -
About 1000 wine stores in Germany that you can either visit or shop via their online store.  Your one-stop shopping place for German wine -
Yet another list of festivals along the beautiful Mosel River (Updated 2015) -
Online scotch whisky store in Germany that'll deliver to your door.  Massive selection for all types of scotch drinkers.  Some rare ones here too! -

A Belgian beer lover site.  Good for your travels up to taste the inspiring brews of Belgium and beyond -
Going hand-in-hand with CAMRA, the Cask Marque is a critical part of UK drinking culture.  I only look for those with the mark of excellence proudly displayed... you should too! (they have an app too) -
Check this website for the famous Bierboerse dates across Germany.  These festivals have tons of beers not only unique to Germany, but from around the world.  Celebrating many brews from many cultures is the theme of this fabulous fest. -

I've recently stumbled onto this AMAZING magazine.  It's the beer equivelent of what Wine Spectator has done for wine magazines.  Incredible dedication to small breweries, pubs, restaurants, and others that make searching for the finest brew so much fun!  Subscription is only $20 for six copies a year. -

If you honestly love beer (and what sane human doesn't), then I know you love a good beer from Belgium.  Check this incredible site out that ships a ton of beers GLOBALLY! -

I may be stationed in Germany, but my beer heart belongs in California; home of some of the greatest hand-crafted beers on earth.  This brewery is my definition of micro-brewery and have some of the finest beers I've ever tasted. Check out Anderson Valley Brewing Company for more details. -

I have to list my favorite scotch whiskies somewhere don't I...!?...
Laphroaig -

Highland Park -

Ardbeg -
The all important Kaiserslautern American.  Here you'll find out a ton about the military community in and around K-Town and some housing listings for those coming in: